The Code of Conduct lays down the principles of ethics and norms of conduct that BRASKEM believes should guide the internal  and external relations of all its Members and which should be put into practice across its entire value chain. Acess the Braskem Code of Conduct in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.


To ensure a safe, ethical, transparent and productive corporate environment, Braskem has set up the Ethics Line for its Members, Suppliers, Clients and other stakeholders, by which they can anonymously contact Braskem´s Ethics Committee to report instances or facts that violate Braskem´s principles. Click here to access the Ethics Line.

The leadership and recognition Braskem has achieved from its Clients and the market are
founded on principles and values that are strongly disseminated among its Members, who
practice them on a daily basis.

Corporate Culture

The Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, a philosophy created by the founder of the Odebrecht Organization (Braskem's parent company), Norberto Odebrecht, guides the way the company operates. It is a touchstone for the Organization's Members, and its application boosts the company's development, access to knowledge, experience and relationships, making Odebrecht one of the largest organizations worldwide, with over 160,000 Members active worldwide.