In-House Development Programs

Believing in individual potential - our commitment to the future

Braskem believes that to excel globally, it must invest in one of its most valuable assets: human capital. In keeping with this philosophy, the company offers opportunities to attract and retain new talent and carries out several technical expertise and business programs aimed at developing its Members' individual skills and behaviors.

Check out our programs:

Program for Developing Entrepreneurs

The main goal of the Program for Developing Entrepreneurs (PDE) is grooming the next generations of Educational Leaders at the Organization. They are chiefly responsible for Braskem's competitive edge, because they lead the company toward the goal of standing out among the best chemical companies in the world and play a direct role in educating young entrepreneurs.

The PDE prioritizes exchanges of experiences and reflection on business practices in line with the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).

Expertise Development Program

The Braskem Expertise Development Program (PDC) hones the technical skills of Members from different areas of the company. The program is carried out in partnership with renowned universities and includes subjects such as sustainability, management and business excellence, among others.

Horizons Program

This program provides support for Members when they retire. It offers personal and professional counseling as well as help with the challenges of life after their careers with the Organization.