Health, Safety, Quality and Productivity Principles

To maintain a high standard of productivity and guarantee the quality of its operations and products, Braskem has a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment and related areas.

Find out more about the principles underlying our operations:

  • People are the main link that keeps Braskem on the path of increased business excellence and, therefore, caring about their attitudes, communication and managing the development of their abilities will always be key to the full realization of their capabilities, well-being and satisfaction;
  • Each individual is responsible for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) issues. It is the leaders' responsibility, through example and an educational stance, to ensure that their team members exercise that responsibility, encouraging people to attain and surpass the Organization's objectives and highlighting that health, safety, environment, quality and productivity measures are an important part of each member's evaluation, and must be considered when taking any decision;
  • Every action Braskem members take is focused on achieving excellence in HSEQ- related matters;
  • The needs and expectations of all interested parties regarding HSEQ matters are identified, understood, addressed and incorporated into organizational processes. Communication is always appropriate and transparent;
  • We exert our influence so the complete supply chain for our products, ranging from the extraction of natural resources to their disposal following consumption, fosters continual improvements in health, safety, the environment, quality and productivity. Only suppliers and service providers that are in line with our vision of excellence in HSEQ are qualified and maintained;
  • We take care of HSEQ-related questions throughout the entire life cycle of our ventures: from their basic conception to deactivation, including engineering, construction, operations and improvements;
  • We believe that every loss can and must be prevented by doing things right the first time, which means preventing losses, investigating and eliminating their causes and minimizing negative impacts;
  • We manage the risks for all of our operations. In addition to prevention and risk control programs, mitigation plans are also appropriately implemented. Insurance programs are acquired whenever there is a risk of losses beyond the business's capacity to absorb them. We do not produce, handle, use, sell, transport or dispose of a product unless we are able to make it safely and with minimum environmental impacts;
  • Changes made in teams, facilities, products and operating conditions are managed and implemented if the new risk conditions are equal to or better than the original ones. The lessons learned are internalized in the organizational culture and become part of the daily work process;
  • Performance in Health, Safety, the Environment, Quality and Productivity is followed up on qualitatively and quantitatively and must show consistent improvement, aiming to surpass the best benchmarks and practices, taking legal requirements as a minimum performance level. Systematic audits verify compliance with requirements and ensure ever higher quality.