Global Presence

Through its offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Braskem partners up with Clients in over 60 countries worldwide, establishing itself as a major global player in the markets for thermoplastic resins (polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC) and chemistry products. All told, the company's 36 industrial units in Brazil, the United States and Germany manufacture 16 million metric tons of products.

The Braskem team's philosophy is to develop successful partnerships and add value and competitiveness to its Clients' businesses by providing personalized service and supplying quality-certified products, as well as services such as technical and post-sales assistance, logistics and outstanding facilities for testing and developing specific products.

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This office is responsible for providing support for studies for the proposed future installation of a petrochemical complex to produce polyethylene in that country, in partnership with Petrobras and PetroPeru, a Peruvian state-owned petrochemical firm.

United States

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Braskem America has five polypropylene (PP) plants: three in Texas (La Porte, Oyster Creek and Seadrift), one in Pennsylvania (Marcus Hook) and one in West Virginia (Neal). Furthermore, a modern Innovation & Technology Center in Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania enhances Braskem's partnerships with regional Clients, supporting the development of innovative solutions and the improvement of existing products and processes.


  • Philadelphia - Headquarters
Administrative and commercial office focused on servicing North American Clients through the marketing of polypropylene (PP) and UTEC® (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a product designed for high-performance applications).
  • Pittsburgh - Technology & Innovation Center
Braskem's Technology & Innovation Center services the company's Clients by supporting the development of innovative solutions, as well as improving processes, technologies and existing products. It works in partnership with two other units of the Braskem Innovation & Technology Center in Brazil, in the states of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.
At Pittsburgh's Technology & Innovation Center, Clients can take advantage of extensive compounding and pilot line application equipment, which allow our experts to rapidly create new product designs based on client's needs. An on-site analytical lab provides the tools to understand the client's performance requirements at the molecular level. When clients need a new level of product performance, our catalyst lab is where experimental polymers can be physically produced for evaluation.
  • Marcus Hook - Marcus Hook Unit
Located 20 miles from Philadelphia, its two Unipol lines produce 350,000 metric tons/year of polypropylene (PP). With production focused on Homopolymer, Random and Impact Copolymers, the Marcus Hook Unit employs over 100 people.

West Virginia

  • Kenova - Neal Unit
Located in Kenova, this Spheripol unit produces 240,000 metric tons/year of homopolymer polypropylene (PP) and employs over 95 people.


  • La Porte - La Porte Unit
Located 26 miles from Houston along the Ship Channel, this unit produces 390,000 metric tons/year of polypropylene (PP). The La Porte produces Spheripol Homopolymer, Random and Impact Copolymer in Reactor TPO and employs over 100 people.
  • Houston Commercial Office
This office focuses on serving basic petrochemical products to the North American Clients.
  • Freeport - Oyster Creek Unit
This unit located in Freeport, Texas, based on Spheripol techonology produces 320 ktons/year of polypropylene (PP).
  • Seadrift -  Seadrift Unit
This unit located in Seadrift, Texas, based on UNIPOL techonology produces 185 ktons/year of polypropyleno (PP).


Based in São Paulo, Braskem operates 29 industrial units in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Alagoas. Production focuses on polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as well as various chemical and petrochemical products used by different segments of the industry. Moreover, two of the company's Innovation & Technology Center's units are located in Brazil, equipped with advanced facilities to support cutting-edge research, producing samples for testing and creating new solutions for Clients while improving on existing products, technologies and processes.


Braskem's headquarters are located in the state capital. Its facilities are located in the ABC region, Cubatão and Paulínia. Campinas is the site of one unit of the Innovation & Technology Center, where Braskem has a partnership with the LNBio (National Bioscience Laboratory). The focus is on making advances in the company's biotechnology research.
São Paulo
  • São Paulo Office
Braskem's main office, in the Odebrecht São Paulo building in the Butantã district, is the base for the company's main management areas, as well as the sales team. The company also has a support office in the Villa-Lobos Building, in Alto de Pinheiros.
  • Renewable Chemical Product Laboratory
Focused on biotechnology research and development to produce a new generation of products, such as the development of a new technological route to produce green propylene and green polypropylene. It works in partnership with the two other units of the Braskem Innovation & Technology Center, located in Triunfo, RS, and Pittsburgh, PA, in the USA.
Industrial unit focused on the production of PP.
ABC (Mauá/Santo André)
Units focused on the production of industrial chemicals and basic petrochemicals, EVA, PP, LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE.
Manufacturing facility focused on producing LDPE.


Braskem's industrial units in this state are located in the Camaçari Industrial Complex. An administrative office in the city of Salvador supports the company's operations.
Industrial units focused on the production of basic chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, UTEC, PVC, and chlor-alkali.
Office in Salvador, serving as a base for administrative areas to support business activities.


Braskem's two industrial units in that state are located in Maceió and Marechal Deodoro.
Manufacturing facility focused on producing chlor-alkali.
Marechal Deodoro
Manufacturing facility focused on PVC production.


Duque de Caxias is the site of a basic petrochemicals unit and another that produces thermoplastic resins. In addition, an administrative office supports the company's activities in the region.
Duque de Caxias
Manufacturing facility focused on producing basic chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as PP, HDPE and LDPE.


The company's industrial units in this state, as well as the Innovation & Technology Center, are located in the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex. The world's first Green Ethylene plant (part of the cycle of green polyethylene production) is located there. The administrative office that supports Braskem's activities in the region is in Porto Alegre, the state capital.
  • Innovation & Technology Center
Braskem's Innovation & Technology Center services Clients by providing support for the development of innovative solutions, as well as improvement of existing processes, technologies and products. Its 16 laboratories and seven pilot plants produce samples and test new solutions proposed by Braskem. The center works in partnership with two other units in São Paulo, Brazil, and Pittsburgh, in the USA.
  • Industrial units
Units focused on the production of basic chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and Green PE.


Braskem's first office outside Brazil, the Buenos Aires unit is responsible for serving the markets in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. It is focused on relationships with PP and PE Clients.



This office is responsible for serving the Chilean market and marketing PP and PE.



This office located in the city of Bogotá and is responsible for marketing PP and PE.



Braskem's Singapore office is responsible for Client service in Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. It sells basic chemicals and petrochemicals.



Braskem has an office in the Netherlands. The Braskem team in Rotterdam services clients in Europe with chemicals and petrochemicals.



This office is responsible for supporting design studies for the future installation of a polypropylene unit and an integrated complex for the production of ethylene and polyethylene in this country, in partnership with Pequiven, Venezuela's state petrochemical company.



This office is responsible for supporting the Ethylene XXI project, including the construction of a petrochemical complex to produce ethylene and polyethylene, due to open in 2015. On this project, Braskem is partnering with Idesa, a Mexican petrochemical group.



Headquartered in Frankfurt, Braskem Europe has two polypropylene (PP) plants: Wesseling and Schkopau.

  • Wesseling
This unit located in Wesseling, Germany, based on UNIPOL technology produces 225 ktons/year of polypropylene (PP).
  • Schkopau
This unit located in Schkopau, Germany, based on Spheripol technology produces 320 ktons/year of polypropylene (PP).