A publicly traded company with operations in the international market, Braskem has shares listed on the stock exchanges of São Paulo (BMF & BOVESPA), New York (NYSE) and Latibex, the Latin American section of the Madrid Stock Exchange. On the BMF & Bovespa, Braskem is listed on Level 1 for Corporate Governance and has been included in the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) since that differentiated portfolio was created in 2005.

Principles of corporate governance at Braskem

  • Ensuring that ethical integrity permeates all systems of governance in the company's internal and external relations
  • Being open and transparent in the information provided, going beyond minimum requirements, thereby encouraging spontaneous, honest, accurate and fast communication
  • Providing fair and equitable treatment to all stakeholders
  • Ensuring that governance agents steward the continuity of the company, incorporating a broader view of business strategy, considering the principles of sustainable development
  • Requiring that governance agents (Directors, Fiscal Committee and Auditors) be fully accountable to those who elected them regarding their actions during their terms in office
  • Acting in accordance with regulatory standards, whether legal, statutory or procedural

Braskem Corporate Governance Model

The company's corporate governance model consists of Braskem's Board of Directors, three Standing Support Committees for the Board of Directors (Finance & Investment Committee, Strategy & Communication Committee and People & Organization Committee), the Fiscal Committee and the Ethics Committee.

Braskem's corporate governance is supported by the Corporate Security area, which plays the roles of internal auditing, guiding the management of business risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations and laws (such as SOX and the FCPA), as well as managing the "Ethics Line" channel through assessment, investigation and follow-up of reports of violations of the Braskem Code of Conduct.


Based on these principles, Braskem communicates continuously
with the market using channels such as:

In addition, the company prioritizes proactive communication with all
segments of society and its stakeholders.


In 2002, the year of its creation, Braskem announced its Public Commitment with the guidelines that has guided its operations ever since. This document emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainable development and the economic and social growth of the regions and communities where it is active.


Braskem has undertaken a commitment to transparent and accountable
management. These practices are set forth in its Code of Conduct,
which establishes the standards of conduct for the internal and external
relations of all company Members.

Braskem also has a specific Code of Conduct for Suppliers to aid and guide their working relations, as well as a specific document with guidelines for ethanol Suppliers. This document covers measures related to agricultural burning, biodiversity, environmental practices, human and workers' rights and product life cycle analysis.

To help maintain an ethical and productive business environment, Braskem provides the Ethics Line for its Members, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Clients and other stakeholders. Through this channel, anyone can contact the Braskem Ethics Committee anonymously to report information and facts. The statements recorded are treated with strict confidentiality. All reports are analyzed carefully and responsibly to contribute to transparent management and a safe and healthy environment.