Braskem's operations have three basic pillars:

More sustainable operations and resources:

the pursuit of excellence in our operations is a key directive for Braskem's work and encourages the continued improvement of internal processes. After all, how we produce is as important to us as our final product.

Increasingly sustainable products:

the outcome of our work only makes sense if we are able to offer products that have a more positive impact on sustainability. Our research and development is focused on this concept, since it is a way of better serving our Clients.

Solutions for a more sustainable life:

we strive to develop solutions that allow people to reduce their environmental and negative social impacts and reinforce the positive factors. Within this context, our plastic products have made a contribution, and we are confident that we can increase that contribution even further.

Chemicals: sustainable or green?

In order to understand the meaning of the term "sustainable chemicals," which is at the center of Braskem's entrepreneurial vision, we needs to understand the difference between that term and "green chemicals." First it should be emphasized that they are distinct concepts. The term "green chemicals" has a more limited definition which focuses on products manufactured using renewable raw materials, therefore minimizing waste and toxicity and the implementation of more eco-efficient and safer processes. However, "sustainable chemicals" includes improved management of environmental, social and economic impacts that are a result of business activity, while seeking a balance.

Braskem already has a prominent position in the global sustainable chemicals scene. Braskem's production of biopolymers (polymers produced from renewable raw materials ) has been the highest in the world since September 2010, when the production of "green polyethylene," which is a type of polymer made with sugarcane ethanol (a renewable source) began on an industrial scale. Our efforts have also concentrated on the search for increasingly eco-efficient operations since 2002, producing important results.

To advance even further, Braskem considers development to be essential. Our focus is on doing business maintaining a holistic view of global premises of sustainable development , aiming to achieve the lowest possible impact on the environment and the best environment for the development of life and humankind.

We have developed a challenging but very thought-provoking action plan to fulfill this commitment. Our team is on the same page and united in its pursuit of agreed results to achieve this aim. As a result, we will soon be able to think about and plan an even better future.