Braskem Manifesto on Climate Change

We must Mature to be Green

The main cause of climate change around the world, greenhouse gases (GHGs) represent a threat to life and are currently an immense environmental problem. According to International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) data, the global temperature has increased by more than 0.7oC since the beginning of the industrial era.

The consequences of this trend, such as water shortages and increased problems relating to health, hunger, etc., could have serious impacts on life on this planet, especially humankind.

We believe that all sectors of society should be involved in the search for solutions to turn this situation around and, above all, take effective measures to ensure the preservation and future of life. As one of the main global players in the chemistry sector, Braskem has been working tirelessly to become a model company with a strategy that is committed to a low carbon economy (with low greenhouse gas emissions). It is also involved in a constant search for solutions that have a real and significant impact on reducing each product's carbon footprint and using innovative solutions.

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