Through its Internship Program, Braskem invests in young talent and provides opportunities for them to get started on their professional careers. During the internship period, students put into practice the theories they study at college or technical school, and develop a set of skills that will qualify them to play future roles in their careers.

The program includes training, interaction with work teams, and the interns' direct participation in projects with constant guidance from their Leaders. Its strong points are valuing people, encouraging lifelong learning through work, and a dynamic that fosters students' professional and personal growth.

In addition to imparting knowledge and corporate experience, the Internship Program also encourages students to hone their skills. Braskem believes that academic knowledge and practice should be dealt with together, because they provide the best education for young people, enabling them to play leadership roles in their future careers.

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The Trainee Program aims to groom a new generation of entrepreneurs with every "class." This 18-month program is targeted at trainees with two basic profiles: technical, for the industrial area, and generalist, for administrative and support areas (sales, finance and legal affairs, among others).

In addition to learning about the company's structure and guidelines, the young people participating in our program learn how to work independently, setting and pursuing goals as if they owned the business. Another value the program underscores is the pursuit of sustainable development.

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