Find out more about initiatives Braskem supports in its local communities:

Forest Factory

Conducted in partnership with the Fábrica de Florestas Institute, this initiative was created to recover ecological corridors of Atlantic Forest located on the northern coast of the Brazilian state of Bahia. Following the success achieved in producing and planting native tree seedlings, in 2012, the project was expanded to São Paulo, SP and Rio de Janeiro, RJ with the installation of new seedling nurseries. The work being developed in conjunction with the local Community is one of the foundations of the project, which also promotes educational and environmental training actions for those involved. In this way, the project aims to help build a society that is more socially and environmentally responsible and that recognizes the value of green areas as an important part of balancing the biosphere and maintaining life on the planet. One of the results was being granted by UNESCO the title of Advanced Post, which represents global recognition for Sauípe Park in the areas of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Since the project's creation in 2008, the initiative has already produced more than 800,000 seedlings and one of the goals is to produce another 1.6 million by 2020.

Edukatu - Conscientious Consumption Learning Network

With the aim of creating an innovative initiative in environmental education in Brazil, Braskem once again drew on the support of the Akatu Institute, which since 2000 has acted as its partner in promoting conscientious consumption. The result of this partnership was the launch of the Edukatu network in 2013. Targeting students and teachers, the network promotes the exchange of knowledge and practices on conscientious consumption and sustainability in elementary and middle schools nationwide. Its online platform is divided into three sections: "In the Backpack", which provides reference content on conscientious consumption; "Circuit", which offers games and fun activities with guided navigation; and "Network", where students and teachers gather to discuss and share experiences. Since its launch, the Edukatu network has relied on important supporters, including the Ministry of the Environment. Braskem foresees an even brighter future for the project and believes it has the potential to become Brazil's largest inclusive-learning network focusing on conscientious consumption. Want to learn more? Go to!

Braskem Environmental Station

The Environmental Station, which is located in the greenbelt of the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, has been monitoring native fauna and flora since the 1980s. More than 3,000 species of plants and animals have already been catalogued, some of which are completely new to the scientific community. This has enabled the station to function, since 1994, as a center of activities focused on environmental education, receiving each day visits from schools across the state. There students can discover the virgin forest on guided ecological hikes, learn about nature through the Sensorial Garden, discover the Plant Cycle and Plastics Cycle through educational games and enjoy many other activities. The station also has developed an environmental education program tailored for classes from public elementary and middle schools in the local Community. The project covers themes such as citizenship, solid waste, water and biodiversity - all developed in accordance with age. Interested and would like to schedule a visit? Call +55 (51) 3216-2724 or 3457-6432.


The Green Belt Environmental Station is an environmental preservation area located in the Pontal da Barra district neighboring the Chlor-Alkali Unit in Maceió, Alagoas. Created in 1987, the ecological reserve supported the environmental recovery of the region, which had suffered from degradation. Through actions to recover the soil and restore the coastal areas of Atlantic Forest known as restinga, the environmental station is now a space dedicated to studies, tours and developing social and environmental projects. The area is home to some 400 species of wild animals, such as monkeys, caimans as well as peacocks and other birds. The conservation refuge for raising Brazilian fauna is one of the two parks supported by Braskem and recognized by UNESCO as Advanced Posts of the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) Biosphere Reserve. More than 180,000 people have already visited the environmental station since its inauguration 25 years ago. In this way, Braskem helps disseminate sustainable development concepts and promotes sustainability actions in the communities surrounding its industrial plants as well as in other communities across the state of Alagoas.

Lagoa Viva Environmental Education Award

Located in Pontal da Barra, a community neighboring Braskem's Chlor-Alkali Unit in Alagoas, the program sponsors environmental education and training workshops to support environmental restoration and conservation, boost income generation in the Community and promote local culture. Over the years, the project has played a significant role in improving quality of life in the local community and has become an initiative of major importance to the region, even influencing public policy in cities throughout the state. Since its creation in 2001, the program has served more than 480 schools in 39 cities of Alagoas, indirectly engaging some 236,000 people in environmental education.

Recycling Projects

This projects aim to promote the social and economic inclusion of recyclable-material collectors in the Brazilian states of São Paulo, Alagoas, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul, while also helping to improve the efficiency of solid waste disposal and foster environmental sustainability in the cities where it operates. The increased use of mechanical recycling has allowed collectors to improve the picking and recycling processes at cooperatives, which has benefitted an average of 590 collectors annually since the project was launched in 2009 by providing training and promoting improvements in infrastructure. In recent years, the initiatives has made it possible to boost income levels for some of the cooperative members. The project also plays an important role in raising awareness on themes such as recycling and proper waste disposal in the communities. The initiative has gained traction with the support of partners such as the Micro and Small Company Support Service (Sebrae) and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). In Rio Grande do Sul, the state in which the project is most advanced, the transformation in the lives of cooperative members was selected as the winning case of the ADVB Top Marketing Awards 2012 sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Sales Executives of Brazil (ADVB), in the Top Sustainability category. Over the coming years, the focus will be on increasing the entrepreneurial capacity of cooperative members to improve management efficiency and independence in order to achieve the goal of training 3,000 cooperative members by 2020.

Strengthening the Performing Arts - Braskem Theatre Awards

An event that has already become a fixture in the cultural scene of the state of Bahia, the Braskem Theatre Awards recognize and award the best theatrical productions in the state. The objective is to value theatre professionals and pave the way for new talent. The awards are given to the best performances in eight categories: Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Adult Theater, Best Children's Theater, Best Director, Best Script, Best Debutant and Best Special Category. Each year, the competing performances are evaluated by the Judging Panel and the awards ceremony enjoys the presence of illustrious names from the world of theatre. In 2013, which marks the award's 20th anniversary, new actions were incorporated into the initiative that were consolidated into the program "Strengthening the Performing Arts." With this expanded role, now even more people will benefit from this cultural initiative, whether through cultural training, easier access to tickets or by watching the winning performances in other states of Brazil.

Braskem on Stage Award

Encouraging local culture in the communities where it operates has been an ongoing effort over Braskem's history. In Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, the Braskem on Stage Awards has been fulfilling this goal by selecting the best productions in the state in the categories Best Play, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Production, which are selected by the general public, and in the new Outstanding Performance Award created in 2013. Launched in 2005, the awards promote the local performing arts by encouraging the formation of new groups and fostering artistic growth in existing groups. Every year, of the 50 productions competing, ten are selected to be presented during the city's famous festival. In 2013, however, Braskem on Stage began to present 20 productions instead of the previous ten. This festival selected for the performances is "Porto Alegre on Stage," which is also sponsored by Braskem and recognized as one of the leading performing arts festivals in Latin America. Since its creation in 1993, the Braskem on Stage Awards have brought to the city of Porto Alegre major national and international names in theater, music and dance.