The results of these efforts can be seen in indicators that demonstrate significant improvements that stand out in the global chemistry industry*:

  • Wastewater generation: down 36% compared with 2002 (from 1.94m³/t to 1.24m³/t)
  • Solid waste generation: slashed 62% against 2002 (from 5.78 kg/t to 2.21kg/t)
  • Energy consumption: 10% less than in 2002 (from 11.90 GJ/t to 10.65 GJ/t)
  • CO2 emissions: 11.6% reduction from 2008 figures (from 0.73 CO2 e/t to 0.65 CO2 e/t)

*In accordance with data published by the International Council of Chemical Industry Associations (ICCA) and the Brazilian Association of Chemical Industries (Abiquim)

**CO2 equivalent