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A product used in the manufacture of bags, film and packaging for the food industry, personal hygiene and household cleaning products. There are several types: high density, low density, linear low density and ultra-high molecular weight (UTEC ®). Braskem also makes green polyethylene produced from renewable source, ethanol made from sugarcane.


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Products designed for use in flexible and rigid packaging, as well as utensils, plastic lids, toys, auto parts and home appliances, among others.The product portfolio includes Homopolymer Polypropylenes, Random Copolymers and Heterophasic Copolymers, as well as the special Prisma® and Symbios® lines.


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PVC occupies a distinguished place among the plastic materials that form part of our daily lives, being widely used in the construction sector in the form of pipes and connections, window frames, doors, flooring, panels and roofing.It is also used in the medical area in such products as IV and blood bags and in agriculture for silo bags, sheds and irrigation pipes.In terms of everyday life, PVC can be found in footwear and clothing, as well as sporting and leisure goods.


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Ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene and xylene are examples of products Braskem manufactures that are essential for the chemistry industry in general. These products are part of the production process for plastics, acrylics and latex paints, yarns and fibers for clothing, flexible foams used in mattresses and pillows, rigid foams, tires, conveyor belts, medical gloves, fuel hoses, and many other applications. Within this business segment Braskem also produces ETBE, a gasoline bioadditive made from renewable raw materials. Braskem also produces soda and derivatives, which are used in the manufacture of soap, paper, pulp and aluminum, as well as treating drinking water.

Leadership in Biopolymers

Braskem is the world leader in the production of biopolymers. In 2010, the company introduced green polyethylene on the market, a product made from a renewable resource, sugarcane ethanol. It is a unique initiative in the world due to the quantities involved and the quality of development. When used by a wide range of industries, Braskem's green polyethylene gives rise to "green plastic" products.

A major hallmark of green polyethylene is its viability, combined with outstanding production. This is because the product has a positive environmental balance, because for every metric ton of CO2 produced, 2.5 tons are removed from the atmosphere over the entire production chain. Since its characteristics and application performance are the same as conventional polyethylene made from petrochemistry, Clients around the world can use it easily and immediately.
What's more, products made with green polyethylene can usually be recycled and/or reused time and time again.

In another major advance, Braskem will soon be launching green polypropylene, which will also be produced from renewable raw materials. Research and development of new forms of production based on renewable raw materials have advanced by leaps and bounds.